Got questions about wraps or signs? Our FAQ answers questions we have heard often! If your question is not answered please get in contact with us via email or calling our office.

What is a vehicle wrap?

It is a massive decal that covers all or major parts of a vehicle. The wrap changes the vehicle’s appearance much like paint would. It has been done for many years in the commercial market, and the look can be quite amazing. We have seen wraps that look exactly like stainless steel, aluminum diamond plate, aircraft with rivets and food so realistic you want to take a bite out of it.

The increased resale value of your vehicles can also be a benefit from a wrap. You can order the vehicles in a single color and then remove the wrap at the end of a vehicle’s service life. In tough times, this can be a great way to boost your return on investment.

What is a wrap made of?

Wraps are made from pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed vinyl. This is just a technical term for a big decal. Wraps can be printed to create a new look or match what is currently in your fleet. The wrap is laminated with a clear film that provides protection from outside elements.

Will a wrap damage the existing paint on a vehicle?

No. When a wrap is applied and removed by a professional installer, it will not damage your vehicle’s factory paint. On the contrary, having a wrap on your vehicle will protect the paint underneath it!

What type of vehicle can be wrapped?

Anything, big or small; vehicle wraps are not limited by the size or shape of a vehicle. Motorcycles, boats, off-road vehicles; whatever you think of, we can wrap it!

How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

Exact timing varies based on how large the wrap is, but generally the wrapping process can be completed quickly. Partial wraps can take as little as a few hours to complete while a full wrap may take a few days. In almost all cases, the vehicle can go right into service after being wrapped.

Can additional decals be put on top of a wrap?

Yes. Any needed additional graphics can be placed right on top of the wrap.

Can a wrap incorporate reflective material?

Yes, wraps can be reflective. However, the more reflective material in a wrap, the higher the cost is going to be.

What if the wrap is damaged in an accident?

Wraps can easily be repaired, or entire sections replaced. Often, repairs are undetectable when looking at the complete wrap!

Can I use wraps to create a whole new look?

Yes. With a wrap, the possibilities are endless. For example, photographs can be printed on the wrap to display a specific landmark in your agency’s jurisdiction. You could place a blown-up version of your logo on a vehicle for greater company visibility! There are no limits to customization!

How long will a wrap last, and what about the warranty?

Vinyl wraps must be properly maintained to get the longest mileage. Wraps can last five years or more depending on geographical region and should not fade, crack or peel. The warranty from 3M Corporation, as an example, is five years.

How should I wash my wrap?

We recommend hand washing only. Automatic car washes can damage wraps and possibly void warranties.

Are there different wrap sizes?

Yes. A "Full Wrap" covers most, if not all of the vehicle. A "Partial Wrap" covers up to 3/4 of the vehicle.

What are Spot Graphics?

Spot graphics are vinyl cut decals that can be placed anywhere on the vehicle. Spot graphics are typically more affordable than wraps since less material is being used.